todo sur el futbol galina

la L1 , los prestaciones el muneco y cavenaghi :smiley: :smiley:

la L1 , los prestaciones el muneco y cavenaghi :smiley: :smiley:



Jaja :roll: :?

:oops: :oops:

i’m sorry , i know my spanish is not very well :stuck_out_tongue: i really like correspond with river fan !! i am french

Si te expresarias en frances…yo creo q te entenderiamos mejor… :roll:

d’accord , je suis francais et j’aime beaucoup river plate , donc je me suis inscris sur ce forum que je consulte chaque jour !! j’aimerais coorespondre avec des fans de River , pour suivre l’actualité du club et puis voila !! Si vous avez des questions sur le football francais je suis votre correspondant :smiley:

you do not worry,my English is not good either.You talk about the players of our club who are in France?

yes why not !!! i can’t look river matchs :frowning: now , and i like have your impressions on river players !! But if u want i can give you information about cavenaghi and gallardo ! :wink:

I would be charmed with knowing since it him is going to the two there. Since his teams come and since they come. Regards

:idea: ?


Sorry, my english is very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i understand speak spanish if you want !!!

nobody wants correpond with me :frowning: i 'm soooo sad

Ne t’ inquiète pas cher compatriote, je pense qu’ils te comprennent et tu auras bientôt des correspondants :wink:

Tu es de Paris?

Gallardo = bad doll
Cavenaghi = First class striker

okkk ca va !! nn je suis ne a paris mais j’y habite plus ^^

vive le psg