hello from italy!

hi my friends! I’m Tobia and I live in Italy.
My favourite team are Milan like first, then Man Utd and River Plate :wink:

bye :slight_smile:

hi my friends! I’m Tobia and I live in Italy.
My favourite team are Milan like first, then Man Utd and River Plate :wink:

bye :slight_smile:


Good election in south america!! =)

Hope Milan win the world cup!! i will support you.




In Italy, for Milan’s support, the most important things is the Champions League. World cup… not very important for us… but win again Boca will be very cool! I hate Boca! But I like so much Martin Palermo… I’m a striker in my team, and Palermo for me is one of the best Argentina’s striker…
Nahuel, can you give to me any information about Diego Buonanotte please? I looked the match again Boca, “el superclasico”, and Buonanotte is really a good player :wink:

nooo palermo noooo!!!

hes not a good striker its just very good lucky, he`s a donkey!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Que grande!!.. desde alla!
Aguante la Juve!..


Hello numbernine!! I’m supporter of the A.C. Milan too. My parents are from italy and all my family is from there (some of them live in Rovigo -Veneto-, and the others in Milan).
I know the UEFA Champions League is the most important competition for de european team (il Capitano -Paolo Maldini- say that ;)).
If you’re looking for information of Buonanotte maybe this help: the last week in the Gazzetta dello Sport (my grandparents live here in argentina an buy the Gazzetta and the Corriere della Sera :D) was an inform of all the argentinian’s football players who the italian teams like to buy, one of them is Diego Buonanotte, maybe you can see some information there.
Well, Goodbye and good luck!!!

There is one of the Milan anti-inter songs:

Come sempre a inizio stagione
Interista fai lo spaccone
lo scudetto la Coppa Campioni
Sono sogni per voi coglioni
Interista diventi pazzo
son 10 anni che non vinci un cazzo
In trasferta è troppo lontano
non ti muovi mai da Milano
non cantate non caricate
ma allo stadio che cazzo fate
puoi gridarlo finché vuoi
ma Milano siamo Noi!!

Is that right? :wink:

very good
I hope to go to italy someday :slight_smile:

this is the best song! THE BEST!

I live in the province of Treviso - veneto - about an hour from Rovigo!
I don’t read Gazzetta, i don’t like read newspaper!
As far as 2-3 years ago I knew all the Argentinian players, was a crazy fan!
But now I haven’t got more time for this…:frowning:
Fede do you speak Italian or Veneto’s dialect?

Sorry for my English but today I’m very nervous!! (girls…)

There was a penalty for us… a big penalty… and a red card for Juventus (Legrottaglie)… then official stopped Gilardino in offside when he was in front of Buffon… i hate juve!!

Si quiere español hablado. lo entiendo.:slight_smile:

Sorry numbernine, I understand the Italian language (I don’t know very well the veneto’s dialect) but I can’t speak it. My mother is from Argentina and my “nonna” always say something like this: “sei la mamma parla tedesqui, lei figli parla tedesqui” (I hope you understand that, it’s mean: if the mother speak german, her children will speak german too). However, if you write me in italian I’m pretty sure I’m gonna understand you :smiley:
Well, I’ll see if I can find you something about Diego Buonanotte in italian.
Bye Bye!!!

PD: Your nick “numbernine” is for Superpippo?? I love that player! He only takes 18 minutes to score a goal in the World Cup 2006 (Italy vs. Czech Republic) and he’s going for the record of goals in international competitions (69 )!!! FORZA PIPPO!!!
How ever, I’m a Paolo Maldini fan, I have 7 the shirts of the A.C. Milan, all of them with the number 3 and “Maldini” (that is because I play in that position and Maldini is my hero :D). I also buy the “Mediolanum” shirt from the 1989-1990 season in a re-edition of Adidas (that is one of the best teams in the history of football, and 4 of the best defenders: Maldini, Baresi, Donadoni, Anceloti. The “vechia guardia”).

jajaja “he’s a donkey” xD

your “nonna” say: “se la mamma parla tedesco, sua figlia parla tedesco”

My nickname is for my number in my football team, but I love Pippo!! :oops:
I scored more of 150 goal in 9 football’ years, about 100 matches. Last year I can’t played because I broke a knee :frowning:
I musted go to play with “F.B.C. Treviso” (Italian “Serie B”) some years ago. I was required from many important teams until 2 years ago.
Now I starting again to play football (yesterday I scored a goal in my first match after almost two years!!)
I’m a “delantero” very technic and I’m a real goleador :wink:
My favourite number is nine (like nickname!) but I often used number 10.

Correction: Maldini and Baresi are defenders, Donadoni was an offensive wing, Ancelotti “mediocampista” :wink:

I too Like to collect Football shirts, mainly from River and Argentina national side. I do really like the Milan shirts especially this season’s long sleeve training shirt but is sold out on subside now. Sound like you have some classic Milan shirts there.

I’m hoping that River will have a similiar training shirt to the Milan one, even some new training River gear would be nice!!

I would like Milan but the way they lost to Liverpool in 2005 made me sick beacuse I’m a Man United fan! Glad you beat them in 2007!! I’m not bothered that Milan beat United because in both meetings you deseved to win!!



vamos mila y river por supuesto

Hi NumberNine, welcome to the biggest River Plate site on the net!

We expect you can score in the next matches and take a photo with the River Plate tshirt under the shirt of your team…!! and we can publish it in the home page of riverplate.com “news” section :slight_smile: !!! You´ll become famous in Argentina!!!


I want to be in the front page :P, keep it up numbernine ;).

yes, Milan, I think that milan is one of the bests teams of Italy,

And River the best team of the world.

I´ve been in Italy in the year 2005, it was a wonderful trip

good luck!

jajaja me mato la de he’s a donkey jajajaja


La verdad no les voy a mentir escribiendo en ingles porq soy de madera para eso ja. Soy bueno para el portugues nomas jaja.
Bueno amigo si es que traducis esto te deseo lo mejor del mundo, para vos y tus equips y es bueno saber que hasta italia llega la locura de river plate.

Saludos millonarios!