Going To The Stadium Questions

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steal tourists se usaría por ej. para decir que tal agencia de viajes le afanó los turistas a otra; rob está bien usado acá, porque es robarle AL turista, no robar turistas.:wink:

i know they robbed me! but what can i do? all my cousins had to work!! and couldnt take me to the stadium…next time i go to Bs.as…maybe some one from this forro can help me out?? thanks to all hinchad de river! the best

Hi, all.

We’re in town in a couple of weeks and River Plate are at home against San Martin (Tucuman). I understand getting tickets should not be a problem but I really don’t want to trek out all the way to Nunez just to get tickets the day before the game. Now, I note the following for the Arsenal game:
This “… Domingo 8 de Marzo, a partir de las 10 hs.” fills me with hope that tickets should be on sale on the day. Knowleadgeable locals, do you think this is likely to be the case? If so, to all areas of the ground? Since I am going with my bird, bouncing around with in La Popular behind the goal is, sadly, out of the question (sob). Studying the map of the ground http://www.cariverplate.com.ar/tpl.php?cat=es&url=entradas.php
and the aforementioned ticket prices, I can’t figure out what these are “PLATEAS CABECERAS MEDIAS/BAJAS”? Plateas behind the goal but then I thought medias/bajas behind the goal would be terraces?

Finally, what’s the best place to buy a River Plate cap? Just a simple black number with the CARP crest?

Thanks in advance for your help!

WELCOME TO BS.AS! u gonna love it here… i just want someone here if they know of any filiales that have buses from mendoza to bs.as for game?? and how much and the distance

Hey mate, i strongly advice against getting cabeceras medias/bajas tickets, those are rather crappy seats to watch the pitch from. If you can’t make it to the Popular (would be difficult to get those tickets anyway, since it sells out in a heartbeat) i suggest you purchase Belgrano Alta, where you can watch the game almost the same as in TV and also get to see and hear the colorful flags/chants from the Popular.

You could get those tickets in the booth at the arena, a couple of days before the match. But you also have a chance of asking for them at your hotel (they will overcharge you with something like 1000% of the retail price, but i figure its still pretty cheap for most tourists; and usually they provide transportation to El Monumental).

About the cap: go to the stadium any given day, next to the Club entrance at Av. Figueroa Alcorta it’s located RiverMania, where you’ll find all sort of River related products.

Hope you’ll have the best time at Bs As and at the Club. Cheers

But if you Want just a cap and you are going to the stadiun its beter if you buy it ouside, people selling in the street is always cheaper that the original stuff and exept for the jerseys its almost the same that the original.