From Romaniaaaaaaaa

A Big Fan From Romania
Vamos River !!! :d

A Big Fan From Romania
Vamos River !!! :d

CooL :slight_smile:

PoRQuE RiveR Es Un SenTimienTo !

Thanks God For River Plate !!!

It puuuuuuuuuuuuts!!! (?) (se pone)

No se que carajo se hablara en rumania pero el flaco hablo en ingles asi que:

I don’t which language is spoken (?) in Romania but the guy talked in english so…

Welcome I hope you have a good time here and enjoy La Página Millonaria. I’ts wonderful to hear that there are River Plate supporters around the whole word.

Welcome in Forum!

I’ speak a little Romanian.

Welcome! :wink:

Welcome rumania

hope to watch live river plate ! It;s my dream . I have to save some money because this trip is very expensive :slight_smile:

Where do You come from in Romania? Bucuresti, Ardeal…

I’ve got Friends in Judetul Galati and Târgu-Jiu.

River Plate este il Mai bun Club din Argentina ( English Traduction: River Plate is the Best Club from Argentina )

nice to see we have supporters in romaniaa:D

i am from bucuresti ( bucharest) .
i see you know romanian :smiley:
my major problem for me is i don’t find river plate products in shops .
from where i can buy .
i begin to save money for the trip in argentina :slight_smile:

try eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices, you should find some good stuff there

thanks you !!! :smiley:

The Romanian is a Very Beautiful Language. The Language of Greats Writers like Liviu Rebreanu and Mihai Eminescu

I had problem too when I Wanted to find Products of River Plate in France. That was possible only in big Cities as Bordeaux or Paris…

Are You Stealist sau Dinamovist?

Noroc ! for the party versus Us in Euro 2008 and Qualifications for World Cup 2010. ( Maybe with Cristian Fabbiani, from CFR Cluj-Napoca, in National Team ).

My Favourites Romanian Players are Adrian Mutu, Ciprian Marica and Cristian Chivu. And in Romanian National Championship Stefan Radu and Nicolae Dica…

wow ! you know about romania .
yes we are at euro … but honest i don’t like this team … and also i hate mutu
hagi was the KING … the only king . he was maybe the best player in the world .
ANYWAY … i am a fan of river plate and also of argentina :smiley:
i want to live in this country !

aaaaaa i forget :slight_smile:

Why are you a River`s supporter? Romania it´s too far away from here!!
Do you know about the club´s history, perhaps? or maybe a famous player, I guess…

Romania is a Great Culture and Romanian are great People.

I’ve Got something in common with You it’ s passion for Argentina and River Plate, and I dream to go live in the Country Too ( In Buenos Aires or in the North or The South )

Hagi was the King it’s right " Maradona din Carpati ". Another who was Great and we know here in France it’s Laszlo Boloni dîn Târgu-Mures.

I hope you’ll excuse me because in Romania I’ m more Dinamovist ,But all My Romanian Friends are Stelisti. And i wanted to say You Felicitation for the victory in Ultimate Derby, But i Bielieve that the Future National Champion will be Ardelean: CFR Cluj-Napoca.

I look the Romanian Championship and I think it is of Good Quality. And a lot in advance compared to Others in Europa. Especially for the refereeing, doing Trust to Youngs Referees and Women Referees ( with very Goods results ).

i know a lot about river . i like argentian people ( what woman you have in this country :-D) At local television i watch river plate matches every weekend .
i’m in love with river :slight_smile: . and also … RADIO CONTINENTAL AM
i like also " Diarios de motocicleta" … the movie of my life .

The best way to get River product is either on >> eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices <<< and search for “River Plate”. I think the best shop on ebay for offical product is ALL_EXPORT. There were others but they have finished selling.

You need need to read the discription because there are a lot of fake shirts on ebay.

Another place is>>> Soccer10Shop - Your Boca Juniors, River Plate, Argentina and Maradona soccer jersey store <<< I have not got anything from them so I can’t give advice about them, but, I would buy from them because they sell offical product and lots too!

I hope my advice helps, I have got alot of River shirts from ebay so I know what I’m talking about!